Giving Kids the Tools to Take Ownership

Technical Challenges and Achievements

The application had a simple premise but had to be designed in a way to be as simple to use for staff and the children. It needed to implement functionality to both create QR code based ID cards as well as to scan them in using the camera on the tablet device they will be using as the terminal. In addition it needed to implement a back-end database of all the members, activities, multiple clubs, reactions from the students, the relationships between them and all of the user types, including their security permissions. For testing purposes we also had to create “seed data” so there was data present to test all of the functionality before having the client’s data that was imported from a .csv file. I handled the implementation of the models and the seed data with another dev. It went smoothly over all but was not without challenges. First, because of the deeply intertwined relationships there were some issues with the models, there was causing the back-end to fail to start. This was caused by the ID numbers for the joined tables so I split the IDs for the joined tables into their own files.

Code Snippet from the file
Code Snippet from
  • Error handling
  • .CSV importing of activities, users and clubs
  • Data auditing fields (when and who edited/created)
  • Database with several relationships
  • User roles/permissions
  • QR code generation and scanning
  • Swagger documentation of the backend
  • A full readme
  • Information about the project to help the next team get started
  • .CSV validation
  • Further refinement of the UI design
  • Getting the real data imported and tested
  • Refining the database to work with the specifics of the .csv formatting



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